Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Mix - 1kg

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Match angling is all about gaining the edge over any competitors or simply giving you the best chance to make the most of your time on the bank. 

With this Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Mix, Ringers have brought the ultimate groundbait perfect for a whole host of fishing tactics. Blended with the finest ingredients available on the market, Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Mix presents a complex, nutritious and rich attraction stream that will not only draw fish into your swim but will keep them there for the duration of your session. 

Available in 1kg bags, this groundbait is perfect for the match angler that wants the best quality feeder mix on the market. With method feeding becoming an increasingly popular tactic, this bait makes it easy to jump onboard, and ride the wave of a rewarding way of running your competitive match, giving yourself an edge over any competition.


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